6. Warrick Ice Cream Trike v Pashley Grocers Trike

1920’s Warrick Walls Ice Cream Trike v 1950 Pashley Grocers’ Delivery Trike


During the Warrick company’s later years, Pashley was the main competitor.


Here’s a comparison of my delivery box trikes from each of the companies.


On short road tests on flat roads, I can only really conclude that they’re both hard work to ride. How delivery boys managed them fully laden I cannot guess.


This Pashley is lower so provides better forward vision and, with pneumatic tyres, provides a more comfortable ride.


The Warrick has Avon solid tyres.


When I pulled into a garage for petrol on the A303, with the Warrick Ice Cream trike on the trailer behind, the attendant informed me that in 1950 in his village a chap used to do the rounds on a similar trike selling crumpets.


The coolbox was accessed from above (the entire top of the wooden ice cream box can be removed).


…while the Pashley box has a front door.


It was originally used for deliveries from a grocer’s shop.


Compare the suspension set-up on each.


I wonder how often delivery boys on their box-trikes would race each other back in the day.


Perhaps a line-up such as this was a common sight once upon a time?


Actually, in France, from 1901, there were annual box-trike races. To read about the ‘Championnat Annuel des Triporteurs’ PLEASE CLICK HERE

Triporteurs Race

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